Butterfly Pictures

The newest business initiated by students of Selamat Pagi Indonesia Senior High School, located in Batu, Malang, East Java.
Produce an educative and inspirational Indonesian movies of positive value.
Collaborating with mentors and professional practitioners of the Film industry.


Cinque Terre


A free high school located in the city of Batu, Malang for orphans and the needy from every corner of Indonesia that transformed into young entrepreneurs of Indonesia to break their chains of poverty. Ongoing business divisions such as Restaurant, Hotel, Tourist Attraction (Kampoeng Kidz), Entertainment Shows (Performing Arts), Snack & Beverage Production, as well as Tour & Travel.

Cinque Terre


Transformer Center is a great place to visit. Lots of inspiration I get from this place, especially the Experiential learning sessions with the students of Selamat Pagi Indonesia senior high school. Their life transformation process is well shared by their collosal amazing performance MY TRANSFORMATION.

Cinque Terre


Butterfly Pictures is the newest business initiated by students of Selamat Pagi Indonesia Senior High School. A Film production house that aims to produce inspirational and positive stories about Indonesia. Collaborating with mentors and professional practitioners of the Film industry, PH Butterfly Pictures is in the middle of producing its first big screen movie titled 'Anak Garuda'.


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Olfarida Podeu

Human Capital Director

the girl from Poso, who was traumatized by the riots when she was 8 years old, and lost her father when she was 13 years old is now responsible for developing human capital.

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I Wayan Kartika

Head Of Marketing

as the first child to make a puppet must be responsible, in the midst of the conditions of his parents who want to make a play because of economic conditions.

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Yohana Yusuf

Executive Director

At the age of 17, she was able to obtain a revenue of 1M at the start of her business as an entrepreneur. Now Yohana is head of Eagle Tour and Travel as well as the Production House. Her courage and intelligence has gained respect from a lot of people.

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Sheren Della S

Human Capital Director

Sheren has showed her talent in the performing arts division since she was still a student in SPI. She has directed and choreographed dozens of SPI’s shows, including “Blaze of Glory”. Sheren is also able to develop her team in terms of character, skill and their respective expertise into people of value.

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A.K.S. Sayidah

Marketing Director

This SPI Senior High School alumnus is known to be resilient, flexible and friendly in offering products since she was still a student. Now, Sayidah leads SPI’s Restaurant and Food Production while honing her abilities and qualified strategical thinking in the marketing world.

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Siska Udilawati

Finance Director

Head of Merchandise Store, one of the successful divisions in SPI, since she was a student and she dreams of being a Finance Director. Various SPI original products such as the well-known Choco Banana are being sold in her Merchandise Store. She is also one of the Built to Bless Company’s commissioners.

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Robet Betesda

Art Director

Having great skills in multimedia and talent in editing since he was a student in SPI makes Robet a professional in what he does. Butterfly Pictures becomes an unlimited creation ground for his skills.



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BEST XLVII, Jumpa Pers dan Live Cokelat Band

Begitu banyak cerita menarik yang inspiratif dan bermakna hadir di Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia (Sekolah SPI / peraih Kick Andy Heroes 2018)

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Film Anak Garuda Terinspirasi Kisah Nyata Peraih Kick Andy Heroes

Butterfly Pictures memproduksi film inspiratif berjudul Anak Garuda. Kisahnya terinspirasi dari tujuh alumni Sekolah SPI saat awal mula berdiri

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Cokelat syuting video clip di Kota Batu

Ratusan anak dari Yayasan Selamat Pagi Indonesia (YSPI) Kota Batu mendapat kesempatan langka. Yakni terlibat dalam proses pembuatan video clip band Cokelat.

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Press Conference Anak Garuda di Jakarta

Dunia perfilman Indonesia semakin “berwarna” dengan hadirnya film terbaru dari Sekolah Selamat Pagi Indonesia berjudul Anak Garuda.



GRAHA BINAR, Jl. Balikpapan No. 27, Petojo Selatan - Jakarta Pusat TRANSFORMER CENTER, Jl. Raya Pandanrejo No. 2, Bumiaji, Kota Batu - Jawa Timur